ICOS Character Inspirations

Over the years I kept watch for any characters who might make good representations for aspects of ICoS characters. Of course, I often would identify someone and then later forget who it was. Luckily, eventually I got smart and kept a list.

I already did a post on Baby Boyd. This is a collection of videos and pics of the other characters who caught my eye as good representation. Keep in mind: the characters don’t necessarily look like the people I have marked as representative of them. More often, it’s the way they act or other aspects that put them on this list.

Jenny Shepard, NCIS

The best– and honestly, only– character I have seen who represents any part of Vivienne is Jenny Shepard from NCIS. Jenny is a woman in charge of their agency, and while attractive she can also be cold. I like the way she has a poker face so often. At times she is kind of mean, but mostly she is certain she knows what is best. She also deals with a lot of the same things Vivienne does, like being a woman in charge in a male-dominated field and sometimes being looked upon harshly for that.

I imagine a version of Jenny that is a bit less emotive in her intonations, and not quite as nice. Or rather, I think Vivienne’s guards are far more entrenched than Jenny’s ever were, but Jenny still makes a good representation. I wanted to find clips of her interacting with other characters but mostly only found music videos of her, and a single clip I’ve included below.

IMPORTANT NOTE! DON’T go looking for Jenny Shepard information or videos on youtube/the internet if you plan to watch NCIS. There are a lot of spoilers out there that pop up immediately on any search. If you plan to watch the series all the way through, I recommend avoiding search engines and youtube entirely. And probably tumblr and other social media. Just fair warning on that.

A clip of her talking: (again, imagine it being more toneless and less sarcastic)

And two videos to see compilations of the way she moves/interacts/her general expressions:

Henry from Criminal
See my Baby Boyd post.
Michael Samuelle, La Femme Nikita

The way Boyd was so emotionless and hardly showed an expression in the beginning of the series is best represented by Michael Samuelle in the 1997-2001 TV show La Femme Nikita. Along those lines, the way Michael is so good at fighting but he does efficient moves and returns to being emotionless/motionless right afterward is also how I imagined Boyd eventually became, particularly by early Fade. So Michael made a good representation on two fronts. Also, if you watch him interact at the very beginning of the show, you can see why it’s hard to describe Boyd and Vivienne in scenes without getting repetitive; because they both are like Michael: no expression, minimal movement, toneless voice. Like a robot or a statue; seemingly unfeeling.

This is a fan music video that shows the way he moves. (Bonus: this is the video that made me discover Me, I’m Not by NIN as an excellent Boyd song)

Gai from Guilty Crown

Another example of Boyd’s fighting style as he developed it over the years is this awesome scene of Gai from the anime Guilty Crown. When I saw this scene below I immediately thought: “It’s Boyd! This is just how I imagined he’d fight! :D” Gai looks like Boyd, too, which makes it even cooler. (Bonus: this is also one of the most awesome fight scenes I’ve seen in anime. It’s even cooler if you can ever see it in HD.)

Tommy Dolan – Carnivàle

It’s really hard to find a short clip of Tommy from Carnivàle, but I have Tommy listed as one of the characters who best represents Cedrick. I can’t recall exactly what it was about him that made me think of Cedrick, but Tommy is a journalist-type guy in the US Depression era. I think it was probably the way he tries to do good and is a bit ballsy the way he goes about it at times, that made me think of Ced.

This was the best I could do for a clip:

Jack Frost

I had noted that I felt that Cedrick’s personality as a father/husband was a bit like Michael Keaton in the movie Jack Frost. I don’t have a video because the only thing I can find is the trailer and the movie itself is perhaps not the best representation of the series. (It’s pretty cheesy lol) From what I recall, I think the reason I noted this was because in the movie Jack Frost loved his family but he wasn’t around as much as he should have been, but when he was around his son he tried to be fun and optimistic/loving. So he was loving but not always reliable for being there, like Cedrick.

Jack Spencer – Psych

I can’t find a single clip online, unfortunately. But Jack is a guy who is unreliable and can’t always be trusted, but he can come off as smooth when he wants. He sometimes acts one way but is actually another way entirely, and he comes and goes unexpectedly. It reminded me of Riley.

“Smooth Lau” – Chuck

Honestly, I don’t remember at all what made me note her in my list for Seong Jae-Hwa. Going based on memory from the show, my assumption is perhaps Smooth Lau made me think a little of how Jae-Hwa might have looked when younger, and was a version of her that had a bit more attitude. But from what I recall, I think I also liked how she was a good fighter and didn’t let things faze her.

Here’s the only clip I could find of her– watch the beginning to see her fighting:

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