Videos of Art and Other Assorted Sundries

I have occasionally made videos documenting me drawing some of my Ais’ Terrible Art, or for other purposes. I will post those videos as I make them here on this page. Many of these things are related to In the Company of Shadows so far, but not all of it. As I continue writing more stories or working on more projects, I might have more to post in the future. You’ll notice the color is odd on the Happy Anniversary one–I don’t know why it recorded everything as black in some parts, but I put the initial picture you see as the final product so going into the video you know what is happening. Other videos have text that appears at one point. I’m still trying to find a good program to use to record these videos that doesn’t slow down my entire system.

Below, you’ll find a video I made explaining how I use Scrivener.

ICoS-related Art Videos

Original/non-ICoS Art Videos

ICoS-related Research Videos