Free Resources?!

can I really have them because *grabby hands*

Ever have a moment where you think, “Boy, I sure do wish I had this random thing that someone else might have made a version of even though I have my own version as well!”?

Well, have I got the page for you 😀

Character bio questions

You probably have your own way of creating a character bio for books you’re working on but hey! Want another? This is a template I made of questions to ask myself when creating a new character. This is made for a fantasy book but you could of course adjust this to your liking, and add or remove anything you want. This is the default template I start with in all my Scrivener projects so I have a baseline of information on the character. I’ve found that having so many detailed questions helps me not only keep track of important information, but also it helps me delve into the psychology of the character and figure out even more interesting connections. I especially recommend the Motivation section for getting fun ideas 🙂

————————♦—————————————————————————————————————— DOWNLOAD HERE >>  Character Questions Template by Ais: .odt, .doc, .rtf ————————♦——————————————————————♦————————

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