It's back!!

The Foxhole Court is free on Smashwords again!

Download the whole series on Smashwords again! Find The Foxhole Court at 😀 😀 😀

(I’m keeping this page up in case it ever goes down again, though, unless Nora tells me otherwise)

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

temporary page for the free download of The Foxhole Court

Hey Ais, what’s this?

The Foxhole Court is the first book in Nora Sakavic’s series called All For the Game. (Second two books are The Raven King and The King’s Men)

At the moment (October 2016) there is an issue with The Foxhole Court which is resulting in the FREE ebook being removed from Smashwords. It’s currently still accessible on Amazon for kindle but there’s an automatic cost added because Amazon does not allow free books.

Some lovely people have offered to provide the ebook to anyone who wants to start reading it in the meantime until the Smashwords issue can be figured out. I decided to do my part to help out too 🙂

Find The Foxhole Court FOR FREE DOWNLOAD in epub and pdf on this page.

I don’t have the kindle version but if someone does and wants to get it to me, I can add it. Otherwise, I recommend you buy it at Amazon. It’s worth that dollar, I 100% promise you <3

If you can’t download straight from my site for this, you can ask the linked people on tumblr to get it to you.


Disclaimer 💖

To be extra, extra clear, I did not write The Foxhole Court or the All For The Game series. I did co-write In the Company of Shadows with my friend Santino Hassell though, so if you’re looking for another free LGBT series to download while you’re at it, feel free to grab that too.

Nora gave me permission to do this. The reason I’m doing this is because All for the Game series is my favorite book series ever and I think everyone should read it 🙂 I know not everyone feels comfortable paying money on a new series, and a selling point for this series is that the first book is free so people are more likely to give it a chance. For that reason, I don’t want there to be any barriers for even a short time period for people who WANT to start the series to be ABLE to start the series.

But why so obsessed, Ais?

If you’re wondering why I love it so much, I have said soooooo much about this series over the years. But here’s my latest love for AFTG/TFC 🙂