A love of photography

I love taking pictures no matter my setting. I took all the photographs used in backgrounds on this site and there are many more I’ve taken over the years that I love. I’ve made this page both as a gallery of pictures, as well as to share in case any of these images are ever of use to you.

I love the sky, shadows, reflections, light, architecture, and contrasting smaller items against much larger views, so you’ll see that represented in a lot of my photographs. I have no training in photography so I’m sure professionals will see many mistakes in my amateur hobby.

Creative Commons License

All photographs on this page/in these galleries are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Follow that link for an overview, as well as the full legal details. But in short, you do have options to use my photographs in these albums as long as you follow some very simple rules. If you are a professional who finds an image you would like to use but don’t want to abide by the ShareAlike stipulation and would instead prefer to pay me a fee to use it without that , contact me.


The google “story” on the left below will show you an overview of my 2012 trip to Switzerland (with a brief foray into the edges of Germany and France). Next to it is a post that will lead you to an album of pictures. If you wonder why some of the photos are very similar to each other, in some cases I couldn’t decide which of them I liked most so I just put them all on there.

If anyone has trouble viewing anything in google+, let me know. This was the easiest way to get you such a massive amount of pictures. It will also make it easy for me to add more albums in the future. Expect more photos in the future.