In the Company of Shadows playlist

This is a playlist of songs mostly suggested by readers that remind them of characters, books, or situations in In the Company of Shadows. Some of the songs were added by Santino or me, too. Find a list of all songs, who suggested them where and why at my shared google doc.

Find this also on Spotify, or save the playlist at Youtube by clicking the + sign. The Youtube playlist is most complete; Spotify doesn’t have about 1/5 the songs. I’ve embedded both the Youtube and Spotify playlists. I recommend doing shuffle on any of them because these are in order alphabetical by the song title so there isn’t necessarily a flow to the music.

Fanmade ICoS Music

We have been so incredibly lucky to have many very talented readers of In the Company of Shadows. The below songs were created by fans, inspired by ICoS.

shadow and echo lyrics by blisschild

watch out for the shadows
oh how they crawl
can you see the echos
and hear them fall
feels like the hollow
pulling you close
comes back to it all
are you friend or are you foe
it’s fear of the nightfall
and the nightmares they bring
be afraid of mornings
and old ghosts that cling
can ya hear the echo, oh how they call
can ya see the shadows, watch how they crawl
it’s the monster inside
and the terror in us all
how much is freedom
the price for it now
you can kill the murder
and the sinner inside
you can haunt the martayr
but the truth? won’t die
he’s here to save you
(and nothing will break you)
they are here to take you
(and won’t be denied)
he’ll fight to keep you
(the trigger in hand)
promise me you’ll survive
(save me)
it’s end of world,9
fight of nations,8
tick down to 0,7
prepare for war, 6
run from the wreckage, 5
it’s freedom you hear,4
it’s end of the world, 3
tick down to 0, 2
tick tick

flowolf's explanation

Just a nice piano piece I came up with when I was messing around at the piano. I thought it suited a character in an online slash fic that I’m reading, so I named it accordingly. I strongly recommend reading “In the Company of Shadows” if you want to find out more!