Do Good

Do Good is all about having a place where you can remember there’s beauty in the world. Find my favorite charities, some favorite beautiful or calming videos, and quotes I have on my walls as inspiration or reminders.


Resources is a page for me to collect random resources I make that I think could possibly be of use to others. Feel free to take anything there and edit it for your own use.


Find a number of pictures I’ve taken at photography. They are there for you to simply enjoy, or I also have them under a creative commons license that will let you use them in your own projects (even commercially) with a few simple rules.


At the shop page, you’ll find links to merchandise/books you can buy only if you want to. I’m not expecting anyone to spend money on anything! Right now the shop page only contains ICoS-related items, but in the future as I get other books finished that will probably expand.