This conversation must have occurred around December 3, 2006, which is the day we first started posting the story on AFFN/adultfanfiction.net.

At the time we were having this conversation, I think we were also writing a chapter that might have later been edited out. In case you aren’t aware, we roleplayed the story but were often also talking at the same time. Each time one of us said “posted” or “replied” it’s because we wrote some part of the scene. I think we were probably writing the scene where Boyd/Ryan were having that heart-to-heart over a sandwich XD

Anyway, Sonny was all gung ho about posting the story to AFFN and I thought he was crazy (why would anyone ever read it?) but said he could do whatever. So this is where he was talking about posting it to AFFN.


Sonny (9:44:07 PM): whats our pen name
Sonny (9:44:12 PM): Mad Crew
Sonny (9:44:13 PM): XD no
Ais (9:44:17 PM): LOL
Ais (9:44:22 PM): mad crew XD thatd be funny
Ais (9:44:26 PM): you realize we also dont have a title
Ais (9:44:27 PM): for the story
Sonny (9:44:29 PM): oh
Sonny (9:44:30 PM): well
Sonny (9:44:33 PM): XD
Sonny (9:44:38 PM): it can be um silence like shadows for now XD
Ais (9:44:46 PM): noo
Ais (9:44:47 PM): it has to be
Ais (9:44:50 PM): something that fits better
Sonny (9:44:50 PM): i like that title
Ais (9:44:50 PM): XD
Ais (9:44:54 PM): really? hmm
Ais (9:45:00 PM): do you think it’s appropriate for the whole story though?
Sonny (9:45:04 PM): idk
Ais (9:45:26 PM): the answer you’re searching for is “NO”
Ais (9:45:28 PM): XD
Sonny (9:45:48 PM): idk im bad with titles
Ais (9:45:51 PM): i am too
Ais (9:45:54 PM): i tried to figure one out
Ais (9:45:56 PM): well im not bad
Ais (9:45:58 PM): im picky i guess
Sonny (9:46:10 PM): lol
Ais (9:46:11 PM): i thought of stupid things
Ais (9:46:12 PM): like
Ais (9:46:42 PM): Transience and the World, and Serpentine, and Sufficient Agony, and Men and Machines, and then i realized i was getting all like GOTH OMG and was like “WOW yeah these are bad” XDDD
Ais (9:46:47 PM): scorrre
Sonny (9:46:58 PM): um
Sonny (9:47:03 PM): i just always steal song titles
Ais (9:47:14 PM): well I was thinking
Sonny (9:47:21 PM): im bad at titles
Ais (9:47:26 PM): that a line inspired from a song that was appropriate
Sonny (9:47:26 PM): you could come up with cooler stuff than i
Ais (9:47:30 PM): or something from paradise lost
Sonny (9:47:36 PM): oh true
Ais (9:47:38 PM): even Paradise Lost itself except i dont want to use that title
Sonny (9:48:01 PM): that actually fits though
Sonny (9:48:18 PM): it could be like Paradise Lost (with apologies to milton hoho) XD
Ais (9:48:21 PM): lol
Ais (9:48:29 PM): well it fits but it’s too famous a title
Ais (9:48:36 PM): i kinda wanna use the concept though
Sonny (9:48:48 PM): we can do research
Ais (9:49:02 PM): yeah
Ais (9:49:16 PM): Rapture DENIED
Ais (9:49:17 PM): XDDD
Ais (9:49:29 PM): well with the story with jansen
Ais (9:49:35 PM): we had the HARDEST time titling it
Sonny (9:49:48 PM): we could name it |Rapture
Ais (9:50:04 PM): and we finally went with Toppling Reason but neither of us liked it. i suggested that title as a joke XD but then we thought of what was a theme whatever
Ais (9:50:07 PM): and it ended up being named Breath
Ais (9:50:09 PM): which was perfect
Ais (9:50:20 PM): because eventually one character realizes the other being around him is constant and something he needs
Ais (9:50:23 PM): like breathing
Ais (9:50:25 PM): hey what about
Ais (9:50:29 PM): wait one sec
Ais (9:50:47 PM): Enrapture?
Ais (9:50:49 PM): hmm
Ais (9:50:58 PM): we could go all romance
Ais (9:51:02 PM): and call it Captive XD
Sonny (9:51:42 PM): what should his symptoms be
Ais (9:51:47 PM): hm
Sonny (9:51:53 PM): XD
Ais (9:52:06 PM): well captive actually works XD
Ais (9:52:11 PM):
. One, such as a prisoner of war, who is forcibly confined, subjugated, or enslaved.
2. One held in the grip of a strong emotion or passion.
1. Taken and held prisoner, as in war.
2. Held in bondage; enslaved.
3. Kept under restraint or control; confined: captive birds.
4. Restrained by circumstances that prevent free choice: a captive audience; a captive market.
5. Enraptured, as by beauty; captivated.
Ais (9:52:16 PM): but it’s a retarded title on its own XD
Sonny (9:52:26 PM): we should call it wax and wane
Ais (9:52:30 PM): LOL
Sonny (9:52:38 PM): for reelz
Ais (9:52:38 PM): also appropriately themed
Sonny (9:52:43 PM): and its a cool song
Sonny (9:52:45 PM): hoho
Ais (9:52:49 PM): what song?
Sonny (9:52:52 PM): deftones
Ais (9:52:58 PM): ohh
Ais (9:53:05 PM): i shouldve guessed lol
Ais (9:53:14 PM): well the idea works… it’s a little clunky of a title
Ais (9:53:16 PM): GOD im elitest
Ais (9:53:27 PM): this is why, by the by mr Sonny man,
Ais (9:53:39 PM): you should never ask an ex-poet have any say in titles
Ais (9:53:55 PM): um for his symptoms
Ais (9:53:59 PM): idk maybe it’s uhh
Ais (9:54:06 PM): well I was gonna say if it was something that could be kinda worked with
Ais (9:54:10 PM): boyd could train ryan
Sonny (9:54:13 PM): cool
Ais (9:54:20 PM): by being intelligent
Ais (9:54:22 PM): and working around it
Ais (9:54:24 PM): but idk how
Sonny (9:54:39 PM): replied
Sonny (9:54:42 PM): i just made shit up
Sonny (9:55:36 PM): you should just pick a title
Ais (9:56:41 PM): give me um
Ais (9:56:44 PM): 5 minutes *cough*
Sonny (9:56:59 PM): why
Sonny (9:57:00 PM): NO
Sonny (10:00:18 PM): bah theres a slash webzine but they only accept short stories
Ais (10:00:49 PM): posted
Ais (10:01:01 PM): is there a song that reminds you of the story?
Ais (10:01:08 PM): and also, lamme
Sonny (10:01:42 PM): hmm
Sonny (10:01:44 PM): i dont know
Ais (10:02:13 PM): XD
Ais (10:02:16 PM): my poetry titles XD
Ais (10:02:19 PM): are so dramatic XDD
Sonny (10:02:28 PM): replied
Sonny (10:02:46 PM): we could just be lame and make it XD the year
Sonny (10:02:53 PM): yea thats lame
Sonny (10:02:54 PM): |NVM
Ais (10:02:54 PM):
…And Released on Broken Wings.
And, Sometimes, Die.
In the Company of Shadows
Sonny (10:02:55 PM): lol
Sonny (10:03:06 PM): are those titles?
Ais (10:03:08 PM): yeah
Ais (10:03:09 PM): theyre
Ais (10:03:11 PM): from poetry but
Sonny (10:03:16 PM): i like the middle two
Ais (10:03:17 PM): maybe they’ll help inspire idk
Ais (10:03:21 PM): ok
Ais (10:03:28 PM): i kinda do too hmm
Sonny (10:03:30 PM): lets see if i can find some paradise lost junk
Sonny (10:03:33 PM): replied btw
Ais (10:03:39 PM): yeah look paradise lost
Ais (10:03:43 PM): i’ll look for more of my crap titles
Ais (10:03:47 PM): and maybe we can get something between them
Ais (10:03:57 PM): i dont mind Silence Like Shadows except it’s not representative of the story at all
Ais (10:03:58 PM): and ok
Sonny (10:04:19 PM): thats a cool quote
Sonny (10:04:20 PM): God explains that he created man “sufficient to have stood, but free to fall.”
Sonny (10:04:22 PM): milton is genius
Ais (10:04:30 PM): yeah he is
Sonny (10:04:54 PM): there was a cool hamlet quote…
Sonny (10:04:58 PM): if i could remember it…
Ais (10:05:37 PM): posted
Sonny (10:06:14 PM): XD replied
Ais (10:06:47 PM): …i almost like this poem song thing
Ais (10:06:51 PM): except it’s retarded but idk
Sonny (10:06:51 PM): “only in destroying I find ease to my restless thoughts.”
Sonny (10:06:56 PM): another cool quote
Ais (10:07:00 PM): oh cool
Sonny (10:07:03 PM): im going to make sin say that
Ais (10:07:12 PM): you shoullld
Ais (10:08:07 PM): posted
Ais (10:08:20 PM): can i show you this really dramatic dumb poem i wrote? *cough*
Ais (10:08:27 PM): mostly because i thought it was sorta appropriate to the story
Ais (10:08:30 PM): even if it’s dumb
Ais (10:08:38 PM): and you can laugh at it XD
Sonny (10:08:49 PM): replied
Sonny (10:08:55 PM): do it
Sonny (10:09:19 PM): oh yea
Sonny (10:09:26 PM): i remembered loving this quote
Sonny (10:09:27 PM): Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heaven.
Sonny (10:09:29 PM): another sin quote XD
Ais (10:09:33 PM): yesss
Ais (10:09:34 PM): awesome
Sonny (10:10:26 PM): This is servitude, to serve the unwise.
Ais (10:10:27 PM): posted
Ais (10:10:31 PM): niice
Ais (10:10:35 PM): those are paradise quotes?
Sonny (10:10:41 PM): yepzors
Sonny (10:10:45 PM): satan on God XD
Ais (10:10:49 PM): that’s pretty sweet
Ais (10:10:50 PM): XD
Ais (10:10:54 PM): HOT GOD ON GOD ACTION
Sonny (10:10:58 PM): lol
Sonny (10:11:05 PM): satan was totally the tragic hero for a minute there
Ais (10:11:13 PM): LOL

((embarrassing song poem thing removed to keep from being too lame))

Sonny (10:18:52 PM): hmm can we use a line from that story
Sonny (10:18:55 PM): er that poem
Ais (10:19:02 PM): yeah we can use anything
Sonny (10:19:07 PM): which one though
Ais (10:19:11 PM): for what? the title?
Ais (10:19:13 PM): or
Ais (10:19:15 PM): to just stick in?
Sonny (10:19:16 PM): ya
Sonny (10:19:18 PM): title
Ais (10:19:23 PM): uh
Ais (10:19:42 PM): Find Me In Forever ….. or uhh….. FREEDOM BURN XDDD
Sonny (10:19:56 PM): lol
Ais (10:19:56 PM): god XD i mock myself too much sorry XD
Sonny (10:20:19 PM): idkkkkk
Ais (10:22:09 PM): posted
Sonny (10:24:48 PM): replied
Ais (10:24:58 PM): in the company of shadows
Ais (10:24:59 PM): that poem
Ais (10:25:04 PM): is about a person killing themself XD
Sonny (10:25:09 PM): that’s a good title
Ais (10:25:16 PM): hmm maybe i guess
Ais (10:25:20 PM): we could just do that for now
Ais (10:25:24 PM): i mean the agency is in the shadows
Ais (10:25:29 PM): and sin’s got a shadowed past
Ais (10:25:33 PM): and boyd spends a lot of his time in the dark
Sonny (10:25:34 PM): yea
Ais (10:25:40 PM): and you could get all metaphorical and shit
Ais (10:25:49 PM): that’s my problem, i always need layers of why the title works XD
Ais (10:25:52 PM): im ok with that for now i guess

…years later, the title remains the same *cough*

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