NSVIC/WMHB: ICoS Conceived

The first mention of what would become ICoS – December 31, 2005

Behind a cut for length. If you were ever on our forum at our site, you might have seen this already. This is literally the conversation where ICoS was first conceived. We were on AIM one Saturday, and this happened. Back then, Sonny and I both wrote more fanfiction than anything, hence my first question to him. d9 was a roleplaying game we’d created, called District 9 (before that movie came out), based on a gay area of a city we made up named Neulan. Boyd came from there. Glimmer was a separate rpg we played online that was set up by friends and was a sci-fi/fantasy quest. Sin came from there.

Sonny(2:44:14 PM): i want to write something but i cant think of any ideas
Ais (2:44:26 PM): original or fan?
Sonny(2:44:29 PM): hmmm
Sonny(2:44:38 PM): i want to try original
Ais (2:44:47 PM): different idea than one you’ve done before?
Ais (2:44:52 PM): you had that baseball story you’d started
Ais (2:44:55 PM): or planned to
Sonny(2:44:56 PM): eh
Sonny(2:45:01 PM): i want to start something newww
Sonny(2:45:04 PM): you have to help meee
Sonny(2:45:14 PM): you want to cowrite something?
Ais (2:45:34 PM): sure ^_^
Sonny(2:45:48 PM): do you have any ideas youve been kicking around?
Ais (2:46:00 PM): XD this is sorta how d9 started… i think we did a good job on that
Ais (2:46:23 PM): umm…im not sure offhand. want it, what? realistic? fantasy? drama? sci-fi…?
Sonny(2:46:42 PM): hmmm
Sonny(2:46:49 PM): realistic would be easiest
Sonny(2:46:50 PM): but
Sonny(2:46:51 PM): i dont know
Sonny(2:47:05 PM): this is the problem i want to start something fresh and new but i dont even have an idea
Ais (2:47:17 PM): personally i dont write enough realistic stuff so i’d be cool with that.
Ais (2:47:38 PM): i’ve been kinda idealess lately compared to usual. which is lame, but whatever.
Sonny(2:47:49 PM): ive been toying with this fantasy gw thing but idk.. i forgot the plot i had with it so i dont know where its supposed to go
Ais (2:48:04 PM): lol!
Ais (2:48:09 PM): you should write down notes
Sonny(2:48:15 PM): futuristic stuff is always cool but it requires a lot of researchy type stuff
Sonny(2:48:23 PM): which is fine since i like research but yea..
Sonny(2:48:37 PM): what are you more interested in?
Ais (2:48:40 PM): hmm..
Sonny(2:49:21 PM): ive decided i want to try to write a novel some day and thats why i want to start practicing with original fic
Ais (2:49:53 PM): yeah i need to just write more… lately i’ve been dead to the writing world, and that’s not ok with me.
Sonny(2:49:59 PM): yea same here
Sonny(2:50:10 PM): ive actually felt guilty about it
Ais (2:50:19 PM): as for what i prefer, i dont really know. futuristic is fun. but so is just normal time. we wouldnt necessarily have to do a lot of research if we were making all the shit up.
Ais (2:50:23 PM): futuristic could be kinda fun…
Sonny(2:50:28 PM): yea thats true
Ais (2:50:28 PM): yeah i have too
Ais (2:50:41 PM): ive been sad about all these rp chracters i created that flopped
Ais (2:50:46 PM): because the rpgs died
Sonny(2:50:47 PM): yea
Sonny(2:50:49 PM): me too
Sonny(2:50:52 PM): like sin
Ais (2:50:54 PM): yeah!
Sonny(2:50:55 PM): sin was my favorite
Ais (2:50:58 PM): wth, i wanted to see more of him!
Ais (2:51:01 PM): he should be in our story!
Sonny(2:51:05 PM): and the d9 characters
Ais (2:51:06 PM): i wanted more Hunter and Cy.
Sonny(2:51:07 PM): yea he should
Sonny(2:51:18 PM): we could use characters we already have
Ais (2:51:18 PM): and i never got to do much with ……i just forgot his name -_-
Ais (2:51:22 PM): B…
Sonny(2:51:29 PM): who
Ais (2:51:33 PM): fuck. the son of the supermodel. Lou’s friend.
Sonny(2:51:38 PM): ohhhh
Sonny(2:51:40 PM): shit
Ais (2:51:45 PM): i forgot his fucking name XD
Sonny(2:51:47 PM): me too
Ais (2:51:50 PM): it was a little weird
Sonny(2:52:06 PM): i dont know
Sonny(2:52:09 PM): senile
Ais (2:52:28 PM): i’ll find it
Ais (2:52:32 PM): i still have the d9 info
Sonny(2:52:37 PM): lets see
Ais (2:52:39 PM): boyd!
Sonny(2:52:42 PM): is this het or gay or both
Ais (2:52:42 PM): that was it. geez.
Sonny(2:52:43 PM): oh yea
Ais (2:52:49 PM): doesnt matter to me. both?
Sonny(2:52:54 PM): whatever works
Ais (2:53:01 PM): we could just create characters or use characters and see what happens.
Sonny(2:53:03 PM): yea
Ais (2:53:04 PM): i always liked that the most ^^
Sonny(2:53:08 PM): yea me too
Sonny(2:53:09 PM): hmm
Sonny(2:53:13 PM): so
Sonny(2:53:17 PM): sin is a crazy killer dude
Sonny(2:53:27 PM): what thing could we put him in
Ais (2:53:47 PM): ok… refresh my memory exactly what was up with Sin. he liked to kill young women, didn’t he?
Sonny(2:53:51 PM): yea
Sonny(2:53:54 PM): i dont remember why
Sonny(2:53:55 PM): XD
Sonny(2:54:01 PM): all of my notes are gone
Ais (2:54:03 PM): i think it was something with his past…
Sonny(2:54:13 PM): i can recreate it
Sonny(2:54:21 PM): i just know he targeted young women for some reason
Ais (2:54:40 PM): i have some random shit on my comp XD from glimmer
Sonny(2:54:47 PM): really?
Ais (2:54:54 PM): yeah
Ais (2:55:00 PM): i dont have the whole thing which pisses me off
Ais (2:55:09 PM): im still unhappy that the group was deleted without anyone knowing
Sonny(2:55:13 PM): i know
Sonny(2:55:17 PM): that was seriously fucked
Ais (2:55:18 PM): but i have some background stuff scattered around
Ais (2:55:19 PM): yeah wtf
Ais (2:55:23 PM): because groups dont die out on their own
Sonny(2:55:27 PM): that wasnt just their writing
Ais (2:55:28 PM): if i’d known i wouldve archived it
Ais (2:55:30 PM): no kidding!
Ais (2:55:36 PM): and cy is one of my fav chars ive ever created
Ais (2:55:43 PM): and yet i lost so much of his interactions
Sonny(2:55:46 PM): yea
Sonny(2:55:56 PM): i think nate from d9 is my favorite
Ais (2:56:03 PM): i dont remember nate
Sonny(2:56:04 PM): i might transport him to this story
Ais (2:56:09 PM): i may not have been around for him
Sonny(2:56:10 PM): yea he was in the thing me and sheena were writing
Ais (2:56:16 PM): ahh, ok lol
Sonny(2:56:19 PM): he was young but looked way older
Sonny(2:56:20 PM): uhh
Sonny(2:56:25 PM): he had a really fucked up childhood
Sonny(2:56:32 PM): his parents were junkies and abused him
Sonny(2:56:37 PM): he was a drifter
Sonny(2:56:43 PM): a drug addict but not a junky
Ais (2:56:47 PM): *nod*
Sonny(2:56:49 PM): only 17ish
Sonny(2:56:53 PM): just his attitude i liked
Sonny(2:57:01 PM): his i dont give a shit i dont care what anyone thinks thing
Ais (2:57:11 PM): yeah he sounds cool
Sonny(2:57:20 PM): i forgot the guy i got to look like him
Sonny(2:57:26 PM): the pictures we found
Sonny(2:57:28 PM): anyway though
Sonny(2:57:33 PM): what characters would you want to incorporate
Sonny(2:57:48 PM): i want a female character to be in it somewhere XD we always have this cast of awesome male characters
Ais (2:58:14 PM): yeah lol
Ais (2:58:16 PM): hmm
Ais (2:58:21 PM): well if i could choose characters
Ais (2:58:27 PM): id probably put in cy and hunter…
Ais (2:58:35 PM): um. maybe boyd or dylan, not sure.
Ais (2:58:41 PM): kylie was boring so no need with her
Sonny(2:58:48 PM): i dont know what anyone is actually going to do yet
Sonny(2:58:56 PM): since we havent come up with a plot
Ais (2:59:24 PM): i have had some cool female characters in stories and shit …one of my favorites was named Trinity from a MUD. but she’d be too hard to bring in. and she’s too much like Cy in personality XD they’d just both be assholes all day and nothing would happen XD
Sonny(2:59:46 PM): i can invent a female character
Sonny(3:00:01 PM): hmmm
Sonny(3:00:16 PM): what could we do with all of these characters
Ais (3:00:20 PM): well.. for some reason i could see it being something like… i dunno. even glimmer-like. like there’s a group trying to do something. or i guess it could be all Ocean’s Eleven style… a group trying to steal something. or maybe one of them is bad.
Ais (3:00:29 PM): like what if it’s a city or some shit. and like, Sin is going around killing people.
Ais (3:01:03 PM): and i dunno. somehow the other characters get involved. like, some of them are just having stories on their own that dont seem related. and others are trying to find Sin or something. bah i dunno if i like that.
Ais (3:01:15 PM): but then eventually all their stories could be related, though i have no clue how
Sonny(3:01:16 PM): hmmm
Sonny(3:01:20 PM): yea
Ais (3:01:31 PM): that sounds kinda complicated though
Sonny(3:01:36 PM): yea
Ais (3:01:53 PM): we could just each choose a character to start with, and just start writing. agreeing only on general location. like, Big City, Future.
Sonny(3:02:00 PM): yea
Ais (3:02:01 PM): and then see what happens
Ais (3:02:19 PM): or like, Countryside, 2035
Sonny(3:02:19 PM): hmmm
Ais (3:02:20 PM): or something
Sonny(3:02:34 PM): you mean each write different characters and see where it leads?
Sonny(3:02:46 PM): or write the same character
Ais (3:03:20 PM): oh i was figuring different characters
Ais (3:03:24 PM): like, i dunno.
Sonny(3:03:25 PM): yea
Ais (3:03:32 PM): for instance, you start out 3rd person pov with Sin.
Sonny(3:03:45 PM): well usually in these kinds of novels you have two main characters who start out with different stories and then they meet
Ais (3:03:47 PM): and go like as long as you want, maybe a page, maybe a paragraph. and then i bring in someone. who either is in the area or not.
Ais (3:03:49 PM): yeah
Ais (3:04:01 PM): though we dont necessarily have to do that. they could both be traveling together.
Ais (3:04:11 PM): and people could be wondering why they’re together, who these people are.
Sonny(3:04:17 PM): yea
Sonny(3:04:18 PM): hmmm
Ais (3:04:20 PM): XD
Ais (3:04:37 PM): Sin and Cy, the cheerful duo!
Sonny(3:04:40 PM): well before we start writing we should design a city and decide how futuristic things are so our stuff can match
Ais (3:04:44 PM): yeah

((Possible spoiler info removed))

Sonny(3:08:42 PM): i like the idea of two people working together
Sonny(3:08:47 PM): like one is the brains and sin is the brawn
Sonny(3:08:54 PM): well the psycho who doesnt mind killing a lot
Ais (3:08:57 PM): XD
Ais (3:09:19 PM): so i should have the other char, right? so it’s not you having to write both sin and the other dude at once?
Sonny(3:09:26 PM): yea
Ais (3:09:37 PM): who should it be do you think? or should i create a new guy?
Sonny(3:09:40 PM): hmmm
Sonny(3:09:50 PM): someone who can keep their cool? like to counter sins psychoness
Ais (3:09:52 PM): or even girl i guess… though that’d be weird that Sin’d be with a chick and not be trying to kill her.
Ais (3:09:54 PM): hm.
Sonny(3:09:58 PM): this reminds me of whichamacallit
Sonny(3:10:03 PM): have you seen that movie with george clooney
Sonny(3:10:11 PM): the vampire movie
Ais (3:10:14 PM): the calm ones ive created are Hunter and Boyd that i think of offhand.. who else? hmm…
Sonny(3:10:15 PM): with quentin tarantino
Ais (3:10:20 PM): um…
Ais (3:10:36 PM): dust till dawn?
Sonny(3:10:39 PM): yea thaty
Ais (3:10:42 PM): i havent seen it
Ais (3:10:50 PM): i had to ask my roomie if she knew which one you referred to XD
Sonny(3:10:53 PM): its pretty much what we just described
Ais (3:10:56 PM): is it?
Ais (3:11:00 PM): do you think we should change it?
Sonny(3:11:10 PM): noo it just reminded me and made me laugh
Ais (3:11:14 PM): oh lol ok
Sonny(3:11:24 PM): cuz george clooneys bad ass but cool demeanor countered tarantinos whole pervert psycho thing
Ais (3:11:29 PM): oh XD
Sonny(3:11:36 PM): so
Ais (3:11:39 PM): now i wanna see that
Ais (3:11:43 PM): so we have Sin and… someone.
Sonny(3:11:46 PM): its a cheesy movie but its funny
Sonny(3:11:47 PM): yea
Ais (3:11:52 PM): is there anyone you’d like to see?
Sonny(3:11:56 PM): hmm
Sonny(3:11:58 PM): nate
Sonny(3:12:00 PM): thats about it
Sonny(3:12:02 PM): well not for that
Ais (3:12:03 PM): ok
Sonny(3:12:05 PM): just to be in the story
Ais (3:12:07 PM): yeah ok
Ais (3:12:17 PM): what about as Sin’s friend-whatever-dude?
Sonny(3:12:22 PM): ohhh
Sonny(3:12:23 PM): hmmm
Ais (3:12:48 PM): i think it’d be kinda hilarious if it were Boyd, but he’s not badass. i just think it’d be funny XD i could make him badass of course. or i could just use someone else entirely. i dont really care.
Sonny(3:12:59 PM): thatd be funny xD
Sonny(3:13:10 PM): it has to be someone that can keep sin in line
Ais (3:13:15 PM): just the idea of a scrawny girly-looking boy obsessed with dark poetry trotting along next to a perverted psycho-killer XD
Sonny(3:13:22 PM): yea XD
Ais (3:13:42 PM): through, what? being bad ass enough to lay the smackdown if he goes all psycho?
Ais (3:13:49 PM): or would he have something over sin? like the collar?
Sonny(3:13:50 PM): hmmm
Sonny(3:14:03 PM): then sin would eventually turn on him
Ais (3:14:06 PM): true
Sonny(3:14:09 PM): if it was like the collar
Ais (3:14:14 PM): it should be something that has some sort of respect in some way
Sonny(3:14:15 PM): it could be mental control
Sonny(3:14:20 PM): yea
Ais (3:14:26 PM): by being intelligent enough to control his emotions? talk him into or out of anything?
Sonny(3:14:32 PM): yea
Ais (3:14:59 PM): also should he be a cold person? like, if he’s working with Sin he obviously wouldnt care about people dying
Sonny(3:15:08 PM): yea
Sonny(3:15:17 PM): in a way he like would give sin the orders i think?
Ais (3:15:23 PM): that works
Sonny(3:15:31 PM): except when sin just wanders off to get some girl
Ais (3:15:48 PM): probably the jobs come to him first, and then he brings them to Sin’s attention.
Sonny(3:15:52 PM): yea
Ais (3:16:06 PM): yeah except when Sin wanders off XD and he’s like “…damnit.”
Sonny(3:16:07 PM): im trying to decide if sin is a raving loony or if hes lucid at some times
Ais (3:17:26 PM): i really want it to be Boyd XD like, he was already a sort of cold person in d9, emotionless in some ways. i could see him easily becoming emotionless and cold, and i could make him a decent fighter but of course Sin could kick his ass. if i figured out his past i could even make it so that he’s emotionally controlling. i mean he was already really intelligent… would it bother you if it were a variation of Boyd?
Ais (3:17:41 PM): itd make a funny picture so i dunno if that’d detract from the story or add to it. XD
Sonny(3:17:51 PM): no thats what ive been imagining
Sonny(3:17:54 PM): that its boyd
Ais (3:17:58 PM): ok yay!
Ais (3:18:07 PM): i liked Boyd, but barely got to play him.
Sonny(3:18:19 PM): i think sin would have to be able of semi intelligent conversation in order to write him
Ais (3:18:19 PM): i think Sin should be lucid sometimes
Sonny(3:18:21 PM): yea
Ais (3:18:24 PM): yeah
Sonny(3:18:38 PM): otherwise itd just be like “sin stabs woman. sin plays with blood. …. sin finds another woman.”
Ais (3:18:52 PM): well… since we’ve forgotten the original reason Sin went for chicks, we have to create a new one now
Sonny(3:18:59 PM): yea
Sonny(3:19:10 PM): i think im going to make it so that
Ais (3:19:16 PM): i mean, he’d be even creepier if he just seemed like a quiet, mostly intelligent person… who then goes all psycho when he’s killing
Ais (3:19:29 PM): like, someone you wouldnt expect to be that cruel.
Sonny(3:19:34 PM): instead of automatically just slaughtering them he plays with them first like.. i dont know, tries to actually be nice until they “provoke” him
Ais (3:19:40 PM): yeah!
Sonny(3:19:42 PM): yea exactly
Ais (3:19:43 PM): that’d be cool
Sonny(3:19:58 PM): instead of a raving maniac
Ais (3:20:03 PM): yeah definitely
Ais (3:20:12 PM): ok so …. hmm. this is a futuristic world?
Sonny(3:20:15 PM): yea
Sonny(3:20:25 PM): futuristic but not like star wars futuristic
Sonny(3:20:34 PM): like the island futuristic
Ais (3:20:36 PM): is it Trigun-like? all deserts and outlaws and towns huddled against the elements even as flying ships exist elsewhere?
Ais (3:20:43 PM): havent seen it but i get the picture from the previews
Sonny(3:20:45 PM): did you see the island?
Sonny(3:20:48 PM): its like
Ais (3:20:49 PM): no ;_;
Sonny(3:20:49 PM): the real world
Sonny(3:20:53 PM): except more high tech
Ais (3:20:55 PM): ok
Sonny(3:21:00 PM): like science advanced to the point of clones
Sonny(3:21:05 PM): and like retina scans for keys
Sonny(3:21:15 PM): and hovering trains/cars/crazy motorcycles
Sonny(3:21:17 PM): but yea
Ais (3:21:36 PM): ok… is it basically the same sort of government too? or do we want it to be a semi-lawless sort of place?
Sonny(3:21:58 PM): hmm
Ais (3:22:01 PM): like, are Sin and Boyd operating outside the law and evading capture, or are they just another set of bounty hunters/hitmen/whatever that no one cares about?
Sonny(3:22:07 PM): it could be some kind of post nuclear type thing?
Ais (3:22:31 PM): ragged buildings and people still trying to cope, and these two are just walking around calmly doing their thing?
Sonny(3:22:51 PM): yea
Sonny(3:22:52 PM): like
Sonny(3:23:03 PM): i dont know
Sonny(3:23:13 PM): what do you think?
Ais (3:23:28 PM): that works for me…
Ais (3:24:26 PM): i keep imagining it as a sort of… semi-desolate, semi-rundown, semi-lawless sort of place. where it’s not like there’s no government, no kind people, no structure… but things are sort of falling apart, or maybe trying to be rebuilt, and everythings in some sort of transition or chaos but these two just dont seem affected by any of it
Sonny(3:24:41 PM): yea
Sonny(3:24:45 PM): thats what i was imagining
Ais (3:24:50 PM): maybe not quite that dramatic, i dunno. but something like that.
Sonny(3:25:03 PM): like there is law and some kind of police but its hard to enforce anything because everyone is trying to like… rebuild
Sonny(3:25:12 PM): like everything is new again
Sonny(3:25:15 PM): kind of like the wild west
Sonny(3:25:19 PM): how it was lawless for so long
Sonny(3:25:35 PM): because the government was so new and wasnt prepared to be worrying about this new land
Ais (3:26:07 PM): i keep imagining like, a dark cityscape, with buildings falling apart at the top and normal city noises in the background. and these two are just walking, half-concealed by a cloud of dust, one tall and intimidating, the other scrawny and weak-looking, and theyre both dark and calm with billowing clothing or something.
Ais (3:26:12 PM): yeah definitely
Sonny(3:26:33 PM): yea
Sonny(3:26:49 PM): maybe the new govt is also kind of corrupt
Sonny(3:27:25 PM): and like.. i dont know people are pretty poor and stuff except the few really rich who managed to profit off the situation?
Ais (3:27:44 PM): built on people who wanted power all along but could never quite grasp it–maybe they werent intelligent enough, or savvy enough, or whatever–but now they’re taking advantage of the time. and using the backing of the super rich to make the govt take away even more rights of the poor.
Ais (3:27:45 PM): yeah
Sonny(3:28:01 PM): yea exactly

((After this point we got into plot ideas))

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