NSVIC: Ais’ Epic ICoS Dreams

This conversation took place on 10/21/2007. I was recounting two ICoS-related dreams I had in a row. I don’t feel like making it more coherent so it’s staying in the AIM convo format.

PS: I included bits of the convo that was going on at the same time. We were writing one of the later Evenfall chapters at the time of this convo (probably in the late 40s). I deleted all the parts that included spoilers or were not entertaining or were just distracting. Which was basically all of it XD

Ais (8:38:11 AM): man i just had two icos dreams in a row o_O
Sonny (8:47:08 AM): o rly

[stuff removed]

Ais (9:02:40 AM): also so the dream… uhh how can i say it so it’s not a million paragraphs long…
Ais (9:03:15 AM): well first of all i’m still not sure if it starred Kadin or Boyd as Kadin. i think, in dream sense, it was both or alternating
Ais (9:04:21 AM): but to make a long story short, there was this school type building they were infiltrating. it looked just like a regular high school/community college/something but there was really important shit in there and some of the students didn’t know anything was up and others were being trained for the enemy i think
Ais (9:04:47 AM): anyway it was this concerted effort with at least 5 people from… if it was boyd, they were from the agency. if it was kadin, they may have been from 53
Ais (9:05:25 AM): everyone knew everyone in the school so it was going to be super difficult getting inside without drawing attention to themselves
Ais (9:06:10 AM): basically one group of the Good Guys (i’ll call them that because they’d be kadin or boyd’s people) was going around the school as if on a tour
Ais (9:06:16 AM): and another few people went to the lower levels
Ais (9:10:52 AM): and like some people were still going about their daily classes but boyd/kadin went with the group going up and the person in charge (who was a woman slightly higher rank than boyd/kadin, like Harriet except this chick was not as bad ass as her) was saying there were bombs spread across the upper floors

[stuff removed]

Ais (9:26:42 AM): replied
Sonny (9:29:52 AM): he asks too many questions at once
Ais (9:30:02 AM): oh i wanna finish my dream. ok i’ll just skip to the end. basically it was a really difficult mission and they almost failed a few times but then kadin/boyd left while the others were running around inside and he came in from outside in this sneaky way and managed to infiltrate the area by walking on top of things/using the walls (because i think there was some sensor thing on the floor) and he eventually was able to get the info they needed and if he ran into anyone he used the name Nick Brown to most people and then for when he was stealing the actual whatever he had to do something on the computer with an email account or something and he used the name Peter
Ais (9:30:05 AM): ok lemme take one out
Sonny (9:30:05 AM): XD
Sonny (9:30:09 AM): take out the last one
Sonny (9:30:12 AM): and have him ask after
Sonny (9:30:18 AM): i just feel weird when sin is all
Ais (9:30:25 AM): yeah XD
Ais (9:30:36 AM): we have that on some earlier chaps i was rereading and i was like “yeah we need to change this XD”
Sonny (9:30:43 AM): yea XD
Ais (9:30:47 AM): there was this funny one
Sonny (9:30:57 AM): its not how a real convo would go
Ais (9:31:11 AM): where like sin asked several questions/said several things, boyd replied in that order + said others, and then sin replied in that order + said something else
Ais (9:31:22 AM): yeah if someone asked multiple questions the only one answered would probably be the last one
Ais (9:31:28 AM): because it’d be the only one people remembered
Ais (9:31:32 AM): anyway and then
Ais (9:31:37 AM): XD so determined to tell you this dream XD

Ais (9:31:53 AM): it was some miracle they managed to finish the mission, everyone’s all wow we’re awesome
Sonny (9:32:12 AM): oh wow i actually remembered the shit i mad eup correctly
Sonny (9:32:17 AM): i thought i was |BSing numbers just now
Ais (9:33:25 AM): and they managed to get out without anyone knowing truly who they were. they go back to the compound and have to sit in on some press release speech by some dude in charge (like Connors but not) and boyd/kadin’s all asleep next to everyone
Ais (9:33:31 AM): what numbers? 60%?
Ais (9:33:50 AM): in the back and

[stuff removed]

Ais (9:49:51 AM): ok ending the dream! XD ultimately the connors-like dude was giving some conference and then he made some comment sort of bragging about the awesomeness of his people and he referred to Boyd as “It’s just as easy for him to be Boyd as it is to be, say, Nick Brown.”
Ais (9:50:42 AM): and the people who’d been on the mission got VERY QUIET… carhart was next to him and he didnt lose his military stance but his expression was very much Not Moving which showed to people who knew him how upset/angered/like “oh shit” he was
Ais (9:53:57 AM): and then connors said something that somehow had to do with girls. i dont remember what. i think it may have been “…Nick Brown, or even a woman.” i mean it wasn’t that but it was something that somehow could lead people to think Boyd was gay/effeminate. and some of the people in the audience/press room were people who knew that name had ties to the recent mission. Boyd was still asleep leaning against the table so he didnt realize this had gone down so Ryan or someone grabbed Boyd’s hand and held it up, waking boyd up in the process, and Ryan got the microphone and said something along the lines of “No, see. His fingernails are um totally dirty and broken and he doesn’t look THAT effeminate. He could never be anyone but who he is, haha?” to try to be like WHUT NO HES NOT EVER UNDERCOVER
Ais (9:54:36 AM): and boyd was like ?? and as the microphone was being handed back to someone boyd said something like “Ryan, don’t worry about it. They’ll think what they want.”
Ais (9:54:56 AM): because he thought ryan was trying to be like HES NOT GAY?
Ais (9:55:57 AM): but he was already fucked because later the bad dudes (who i really think were janus or perhaps some sort of somewhat formal govt entity, idk) got ahold of Boyd and he was in some interview room with the people + some chick, i think the one who’d been his superior
Ais (9:56:26 AM): and the interrogators were bringing up all these things he didnt want to talk about and this is what leads me to believe it may have been kadin or else it was a mission we didnt write about because they were talking about how like
Ais (9:56:31 AM): boyd totally fucked some people over
Ais (9:56:37 AM): like old or poor people
Ais (9:56:41 AM): on some mission
Ais (9:56:52 AM): and were talking about how he cares more about himself than others
Ais (9:56:58 AM): and implied he had a gambling problem or something
Ais (9:57:28 AM): i just remember there was some comment about some person i think he basically let die and he stole that person’s car and shit to get away
Ais (9:57:30 AM): or something
Ais (9:58:20 AM): and he was really upset/angered by this all and his expression went totally unreadable/cold/blank and he tried to point out how in this latest mission he didnt hurt anyone + he tried to help one or two by having them some place where they could be found
Ais (9:58:37 AM): and the interrogators were like THAT IS NO EXCUSE U R EVIL + WE’RE ONTO YOU
Ais (9:59:10 AM): and the chick had been his greatest proponent but when she was hearing about the shit he used to do she kept looking at him like “…no. no, you couldn’t have…”
Ais (10:01:26 AM): and he was mad that she was looking at him like that and that what they were saying was true
Ais (10:01:57 AM): then it switched dreams to i think another mission but i really dont understand what was going on there except i think sin had gone on a solo mission to palestine and somehow got caught and caged up
Ais (10:02:38 AM): so boyd was sent in as backup and it started with him in the US embassy in Palestine and the Palestinian head security leader dude was running around in some green military uniform with a hat and he was just weird and strangely cheerful and boyd was like ok wtf?

Ais (10:05:06 AM): and boyd acted like he was there for some other reason but eventually snuck off and found sin and they were able to get out and he took them to an airport 10 miles SE of the city they were in and they got on a plane that was just going between countries because he figured the bad guys’d be searching the intercontinental planes but not the inter-country ones. and they got in the air and the whole time he was like omfg will we be caught? and some nice old black woman was sitting next to him all rambling about shit and he was like uh huh oh that’s great and sin was right behind him in another seat but he didn’t dare look back to connect the two of them since they’d gotten on separately i think. i woke up when they were flying over a bus and i think something was gonna go down for some reason
Ais (10:05:09 AM): there finished my dreams XD
Sonny (10:06:11 AM): that sounds funny
Ais (10:06:42 AM): wow XD
Ais (10:06:44 AM): i wrote a lot
Sonny (10:07:58 AM): your dreams are very complicated XD
Sonny (10:08:08 AM): nick brown
Ais (10:11:47 AM): XD
Ais (10:11:51 AM): i know XD
Ais (10:11:56 AM): i dream in storylines
Ais (10:11:59 AM): so like
Ais (10:12:08 AM): a lot of times i don’t even know what’s happening, it’s like reading a book

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