Evenfall research: safe house examples, ch 37

Google streetview made the editing of the Monterrey arc of Evenfall about a thousand times easier and more accurate. This entry contains minor spoilers for around Evenfall chapter 37 so I’ve put it behind a cut.

After researching the city to determine the neighborhood where Los  Perdidos live and Lo Más Chingon hangs out, it also became easier to determine which areas Boyd would have identified for safe houses.

Below is an example of the screenshots I took in the editing of that arc, to remember a feel for the setting of the area and to use as inspiration when describing the houses and streets. I figured out Boyd’s whole route and popped in along it on streetview to see the different areas and determine whether I needed to make a record of it. I also left myself notes on the screenshots so I could recall aspects of why that screenshot was taken.

These are only three of several screenshots taken at that time:

safehouse jorge barrio antiguo

safehouse 2 after jorge


safehouse on the run kassian appearance

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