Boyd’s (Bad) Advice

This started because I read an advice column and for some reason started thinking about how Boyd changed over the course of In the Company of Shadows. I made these joking comics pretending the different versions of Boyd/aspects of Boyd’s personality throughout the series was split into separate people, and all of them were in the same room. The idea of all the versions of Boyd trying to give advice amused me.

Warning: this gallery contains spoilers through Fade and some NSFW content

View at your own risk. By the way, it should be obvious but none of this is canon, even the opinions different Boyds give on topics. Speaking of, I gave them each a name, but some are still being decided. It’s Hot Mess (orange jacket, blue-streaked hair), Emo Face (long hair, black coat), Study Date (ponytail, rolled up sleeves), and Bryndl (short hair covering one eye). Bryndl and Study Date are the poster boy icons on this.